Your posts will go through an analysis and quality check by Jelly. If any post fails to fulfil the Post Guidelines, we will help you repost the same while adhering to the guidelines.

    Key Requirements:
  • It is mandatory for shoppers to post using the Instagram account provided at the Jelly checkout.
  • You can publish a post, story, reel, IGTV video. Instagram Lives will not be accepted.
  • Shoppers must tag @jellybuzzofficial on Instagram along with the hashtag #jellybuzz in the caption; in addition to the required tags of brands/retailers they have purchased from.
  • Shoppers must follow @jellybuzzofficial.
  • Shoppers must post the prescribed number of posts for each item purchased.
  • All concerned posts are to be published and uploaded by shoppers to their Jelly dashboard within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • A Jelly post cannot be deleted for a minimum of 7 days after posting.

  • Posting Guidelines:
  • Vibrant lighting
  • Products in full frame - worn or still life
  • Creative captions
  • Filters and Instagram Reels for editing
  • Using own tags and hashtags in addition to Jelly and brand requirements

  • Not Accepted:
  • Explicit content
  • Blurry images
  • Products not fully visible in frame
  • Content shoppers don't own
  • Dark lighting
  • Posts that aren’t also uploaded to shoppers’ Jelly dashboard

    Jelly examines all the posts. We ensure that you post as per all post guidelines. We will regularly notify you through instruments like email to execute your posts.

    The retailer/brand determines the tags and hashtags to be used by the customers in their Jelly posts. These are subject to revisions at any time in accordance with any campaigns initiated by the retailer/brand. The only constant requirements are @jellybuzzofficial and #jellybuzz. These allow Jelly to track and review the posts. Exclusion of either of these will lead to the post being neither seen nor approved.
    No. We respect your privacy and don’t need you to have a public account or make your account public for earning Jelly discounts. If you have a private account, all you have to do is make the post as per Post Guidelines and then accept a follow request from @jellybuzzofficial, so that we can review the post. You don’t even have to accept requests from brands/retailers for this purpose. You can accept them if you wish to.